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PlayStation Network Card 50$ (USA)
Nomad the 24 Oct 00:09
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (United Kingdom)
gamer-113219 the 23 Oct 20:40
code worked!
Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership
boubou_du_futur the 22 Oct 14:10
Service impec comme toujours !
PlayStation Network Card 20€ (Germany)
gamer-3cf6bc the 22 Oct 09:38
Awesome like always
Rocket League Xbox ONE
gamer-4ca2a1 the 22 Oct 02:10
Worst ever so far. My key has been used already and i had to write for 5 hours to the support of microsoft and press-start. to get a
new key. Sucks. They wrote they will make some kind of commercial gesture, but so far i dont see that coming. who knows.
PlayStation Network Card 50€ (Austria)
gamer-a12d3c the 21 Oct 21:00
Hello i have receved the code but it says the code is invalid ??
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (Italy)
gamer-065140 the 21 Oct 20:39
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (United Kingdom)
gamer-d93462 the 21 Oct 19:02
New Super Mario Bros. 2
gamer-56b80f the 21 Oct 01:45
3ds code great
Halo 5: Guardians Xbox ONE
gamer-8ce6c1 the 20 Oct 20:04
All correct
PlayStation Network Card 35£ (United Kingdom)
David the 20 Oct 19:46
PlayStation Network Card 20$ (USA)
Besh the 20 Oct 17:54
good service
PlayStation Network Card 50$ (USA)
Besh the 20 Oct 17:54
good service
FF XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4
woolwil the 20 Oct 12:49
Worked like a charm.
Xbox Gift Card 25€ EU
Donkeyshotme the 20 Oct 09:45
superfast as always thanx
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (Portugal)
gamer-268dec the 19 Oct 22:16
Rápido e eficaz :) Obrigado.
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (United Kingdom)
GameCentar the 19 Oct 15:38
Great cooperation.
PlayStation Plus - 90 days subscription (Finland)
gamer-3a58df the 19 Oct 13:46
PlayStation Plus - 90 days subscription (United Kingdom)
GameCentar the 19 Oct 13:27
Great work.
Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership
sparky the 19 Oct 11:23
fast and easy
Assassin's Creed: Unity Xbox ONE
Tim Wolf the 19 Oct 05:56
Super Easy and worth buying from this website again
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy PS4
gamer-4730d0 the 18 Oct 18:12
PS4 Code worked just fine.
Xbox Live Gold 3 Month Membership
AWESOME!! the 17 Oct 16:53
PlayStation Network Card 25£ (United Kingdom)
pjak the 17 Oct 10:42
Xbox Gift Card 25€ EU
Donkeyshotme the 17 Oct 10:19
super as always
Xbox Live Gold 14 Days Membership
gamer-d11abf the 17 Oct 07:46
Code did not work.
Halo 5: Guardians Xbox ONE
gamer-ba48cd the 16 Oct 23:34
as always instant and 100% working, price is also unbeatable !! <33
Halo 5: Guardians Xbox ONE
gamer-0244b0 the 16 Oct 22:37
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription (Portugal)
Anarod the 16 Oct 10:01
Super easy and instant
GTA Online: Great White Shark Cash Card PS4 DLC
gamer-10b929 the 15 Oct 20:30
Code working
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Frequently asked questions

Are the CD keys official?

This is the question that often comes up when buying on this kind of website. Rest assured, our CD keys are official as they are purchased from authorized resellers: EA Origin, Steam,, NCSoft or Ubisoft.

All our cards are cards SCANNED from the official ones.

How do I download a game? Is this legal?

Downloading games is perfectly legal via the official platforms EA Origin, Steam,, NCSoft or Ubisoft.

You just have to download them via their software available on their official websites, as they now all offer legal downloading games.

How do I activate a CD Key?

To activate your game, just go to the product page, and click "Activate this game" to see a guide about the process for the specified platform.

Do I have to create an account to purchase a CD key?

Yes, for several reasons: to get your CD Key straight away in "My orders" section, but also to contact us via the ticket system which requires an authentication.
To create an account or log in, use the left panel on the website main page:

Having problems logging in (lost password?)

If you are unable to login, it is possible to recover your password at this address: Your email will be required.

For any other connection problems, use the "Contact Us" section.

How long does it take to receive my CD key?

Receipt of the code is straightforward, you only have to go to "My Account" section to view your latest CD key purchased, but also the history of your purchases since the creation of your account.

The CD key that I received doesn't work

If the received CD Key does not work, or if the code is hard to read, open a ticket in the "Support" section in order to find where the problem comes from.

Is there a deadline to use my CD key?

No! No time limit, so you can use it whenever you want, or offer it for a party which will happen later on.

Are the keys valid in all countries?

No, publishers are subjected to a policy regulating the import / export of the games. The codes are sometimes subject to a national restriction, but this is not always the case. This information is visible on the page of each game before purchase.

Is a refund possible?

Considering the nature of the CD key we sell, a refund is possible, but a deadline of 10 days may be necessary for us to check if the code has not been used.

How many times can I download a game?

It's unlimited. Once a CD key is recorded with a game on your account, you can re-download it as many times as you want. The activation will be immediate without the need to buy back a card, as long as you are registered with your account used to buy the CD key.

How does our website work?
How can the prices be so low?

Above all, is a team of enthusiastic gamers who know what it’s like to stand in an endless queue in front of a store and spend their hard-earned cash on the latest game.

The games are scanned from the box version.

As dedicated gamers, our priority is to give you immediate access to the best games and at the best prices. Thanks to the digitalised format of our games, we make huge savings on storage and logistical costs. We buy our games in large quantities, allowing us to lower the price of each individual game whilst offering you the best deal possible.

How does it work? Simply buy games straight from home in just a few clicks!
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