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PlayStation Network Card 200SEK (Sweden)
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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Xbox ONE
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Fast&Cheap. Great!
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Xbox Live Gold 3 Month Membership
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The Division: Season Pass Xbox ONE DLC
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Thanks! All ok!
GTA Online: Great White Shark Cash Card Xbox ONE DLC
gamer-eac975 the 16 Jul 17:39
I got to redeem my case and I get: This code has already been redeemed. HOW DO YOU SELL SOMEBODY SOMETHING THAS HAD ALREADY BEEN USED. How could you even let that happen. I need my money back or a working code! Very disappointed is much more reliable.
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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Add to my Wishlist

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
In stock
Release date
19 February 2016
Game format
$48 $38.00 -20%
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 1
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 2
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 4
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 5
Prepare yourself for a grand adventure with Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS family systems. Experience a world like no other, where Pokémon speak, and go on incredible adventures!

Choose from 20 Pokémon that you can become before heading out on a journey to encounter almost all currently known Pokémon, including Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. With the help of your trusty Pokémon partner, find the cause of terrifying incidents that include Pokémon being turned into stone and put a stop to it!

As a Pokémon, your home is Serene Village, which is ordinarily a peaceful place. However, it’s not long before you and your partner leave to join the Expedition Society, a group which explores and maps the world, and begin venturing into vast mystery dungeons full of Pokémon.

Dungeons are dangerous places, filled with traps, triggers, environmental features such as lakes and streams, and of course new Pokémon. There are also many rewards that await those who can get all the way through them. If you faint, however, you may have to return all the way to the dungeon’s entrance, losing your items and money along the way!

No two trips through these dungeons are ever the same: everything from the layouts to Pokémon locations are randomly created every time you enter. A map on the Touch Screen automatically fills as you explore each level, so you’ll know whether or not you’ve been down a path before.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, each move happens one step at a time: when you move one space, use an item or attack, then all other Pokémon will take their own actions in turn. If you don’t move, no one else will either, so proceed carefully, make every move count and be prepared to battle enemy Pokémon at any time!

Use your turn-based strategies in battle and combine attacks in an Alliance, letting all three of your Pokémon attack a single tough Pokémon in one turn! With the Connection Orb, you can take on quests from other Pokémon who will befriend you and join your team if you complete the quest. By completing certain conditions in dungeons, your Pokémon will become Awakened, greatly increasing their power and causing some Pokémon to Mega Evolve!

Seek out useful items scattered throughout dungeons that will come in handy during battles. They might be able to heal your Pokémon pals, while some items can be thrown at enemy Pokémon. There are also special items you can give to your Pokémon to hold called looplets. With looplets, you can attach items called emeras you obtain in dungeons to provide Pokémon with particular bonuses. These emeras will disappear once you leave the dungeon.

If all of your Pokémon faint in a dungeon, call on a friend to rescue you! Send out a call for help and let other players come to your aid. If the rescue party reaches you, you’ll be able to continue your journey and hold onto all of your items as well! You can even StreetPass with other Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon players to receive one of their Pokémon as a Helper Pokémon on your next adventure.

Explore ever-changing mystery dungeons and connect with Pokémon to save the Pokémon world in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Choose two Pokémon from a choice of 20: one to become and another to be your partner
Explore a world filled with nearly all currently known Pokémon and dungeons that change every time you enter them
Befriend Pokémon, devise turn-based strategies and use Alliance attacks to survive each dungeon
Request help from other Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon players, who can revive you if your party falls